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Thread: Libble

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    Another great music site bites the dust.

    Libble is no more, for those of us who used it for discovering new indie music and a way of finding older more obscure albums it will be sorely missed.

    I don't know if there are any other libble patrons out there, but I heard today from the admin that the site isn't coming back online again due to treats from 'record companies'.

    It's a great shame, now I suppose its back to the almost impossible task of trying to get invited into somewhere like indietorrents or oink.

    To all who used libble, and the regulars in the forums there I hope to see you all somewhere else soon.

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    just tried to log on, complete nightmare. really good site now gone

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    I wondered if that would happen when they went to open signup.... Shame was really good, I have an Oink login but there are so many torrents on there it is difficult to spot new stuff - everyone on libble seem to have similar music tastes

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    Try if new stuff is what you're after.

    Not a lot besides the new releases but it caters pretty well in that department.

    You'll have to check to see if the sign-ups are still open
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    So it does look as if we need somewhere else now, as you have an Oink account can you send an invite please!!

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    I'm deeply sad that the site has gone, most of the user there did have similar tastes which made it a 'one of' torrent community.

    If anyone has any ideas on similar sites please do post them here - Invite sites are a pain though, as it's not always possible to get an invite. I was always in the top 10 uploaders and sharers on Libble and yet still never managed to snaffle myself an invite to anywhere
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    Unfortunately I haven't really used Oink, so I don't have any invites yet, only got 9gb to go!

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    Didn't this site just open??


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