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Thread: system of a down live VIDEO

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    Anyone know where i can download video of a live SOAD concert or w/e, fairly new (such as one w/ some of the "hypnotize" songs on it, holy mountain for one). Cuz last time i checked, there were many slipknot videos floating around (video, concert, diff camera angles and what not, hell i have some knot concerts that were made using handheld cams). So ya, anyone know of anything?

    And ya i have seen SOAD live, kicked way toooo much ass lol, cannot wait till they come for their hypnotize tour to vancity, the time I saw them they were here September 2005 I believe, the Mezmerize tour. Hopefully they'll come again b4 july. But im just dying to see holy mountain or kill rock n roll live on video. if u have it, hook that shit up (PM me)
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    Hmm Vancouver, I Live In Calgary. I recently saw System Live here. I have over 19 GB Of SOAD Live Videos, So i can DEFINENTLY help. I Have a few videos singles, or full conerts, and most have kill rock and roll and holy mountains. I have also from hypnotize tour hypnotize, kill rock n roll, lonely day, and holy mountain. Add me on MSN @ and I can give you some. Here is Hamilton 2002 i uploaded a year ago:
    I have used Megaupload, a file uploading website. If you are new to Megaupload:

    Click on the link under the name
    Wait Untill The timer is at 0 sec
    click on the green button, and download.

    Intro + I-E-A-I-A-E-I-O:

    Jet Pilot:

    Deer Dance:




    Chop Suey:









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    hello, you all. do you all like limp bizkit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thelbmaster
    hello, you all. do you all like limp bizkit?

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    ewewww! SIMple plaN!?!?!? this disgusts me

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    Quote Originally Posted by XxEtrnlDeathXx
    ewewww! SIMple plaN!?!?!? this disgusts me

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    Here Is Some Live ones ive uploaded over time:

    $2 Dollar Bill 07-12-05
    Hypnotize Live @ $2 Dollar Bill 07-12-05

    Toxicity Live @ $2 Dollar Bill 07-12-05

    TCMMFLIOTS Live @ $2 Dollar Bill 07-12-05

    Revenga Live @ $2 Dollar Bill 07-12-05

    Sugar Live @ $2 Dollar Bill 07-12-05

    Lonely Day Live @ $2 Dollar Bill 07-12-05

    Kill Rock N Roll Live @ $2 Dollar Bill 07-12-05

    Asbury Park 02-19-00
    Soil @ Asbury Park 2000

    Snowblind @ Asbury Park 2000

    Souls 04-24-04
    Im Nazelis @ Souls 2004

    Long Beach 08-04-05 Full Concert

    Reading Festival 24-08-03
    Suite Pee @ Reading 24-08-03

    A.D.D @ Reading 24-08-03

    Aerials @ Reading 24-08-03

    I-E-A-I-A-E-I-O @ Reading 24-08-03

    Sugar And Prison Song @ Reading 24-08-03

    Suggestions @ Reading 24-08-03

    Ddevil @ Reading 24-08-03

    Bounce @ Reading 24-08-03

    War @ Reading 24-08-03

    Jet Pilot @ Reading 24-08-03

    Chick N Stew And Forest @ Reading 24-08-03

    Chop Suey Live @ Reading 24-08-03

    Forest @ Reading 24-08-03

    Mr.Jack @ Reading 24-08-03

    Intro And Needles @ Reading 24-08-03

    P.L.U.C.K @ Reading 24-08-03

    Toxicity And Streamline @ Reading 24-08-03

    Bubbles @ Reading 24-08-03

    Seattle 06-12-98
    Mind @ Seattle 06-12-98

    Multiply @ Seattle 06-12-98

    Peephole @ Seattle 06-12-98

    Ddevil @ Seattle 06-12-98

    Darts @ Seattle 06-12-98


    Oh by the way, add me to msn i can hook you up with tons
    May The Soiled Rest Lightly Upon Your Body.....


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