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Thread: Getting a new video card

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    Okay, I officially hate my Saph X800 GTO. Although it performs well in even the most demanding games for now, it's not unlockable, it's OC ability is terrible, and it doesn't support SM 3.0 nor HDR. It will probably lagg behind badly in future games. Gr...selling it to a friend for $150 CAD (Originally bought for $198 CAD).

    So, now that I need a new video card, what are your suggestions? I want a decent card for around $300-350CAD.

    I really should go for a 7800 GT, but I don't have the money for it so maybe a 6800 GT or Ultra? Or maybe a X1600 or something? There's so many confusing different versions of video cards my eyes hurt from shopping online.
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    this makes me sad, because i need to rma my 6600gt as some of you may know, because its busted, (from the HELP! HELP! HELP! thread) haha
    but i say you wait till march


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