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Thread: Newsgroup Searching

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    I'm in to movie downloading. Is there a way to search a movie newsgroup
    by the title of the movie and download the posts to your news reader?
    Right now I'm using Xnews but have tried News Rover and others but
    can't seem to find a search feature that willl let me do that with out having
    to download all the posts between and manually looking through to find what
    I want.

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    & as backup

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilw
    & as backup
    The NZB's I get from Newsmonster never download right, but if I get the same NZB from NZB-Zone, it downloads flawlessly...

    I would second the nominee for Binsearch

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    Thanks for the replies.
    I installed Grabit and so far it seems to do everything I want.


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