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Thread: PC - TV : Sound problems

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    I like to link up my tv with the computer, so that myself and family can watch things together.
    However, since reinstalling windows, I am having problems getting the audio correct. It was always a little off somehow but now its so bad that peoples voices are barely audiable.
    I have an Creative SB Audigy LS which I usually use with my Surround Sound headset.
    I find that certain settings in the Creative software results in the sound stopping, including selecting "2 speakers", which comes closest to describing my TV.
    If anyone has any tips on what may be causing this, or how to fix I would be most thankfu l

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    hmm the only time i ever had a problem with low audio it was caused by an issue in ac3 filter (in the control panel)...The "master" "gain" settings were to low...Not saying this is a solution but you never know....Its easy to reset so you can't mess it up...


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