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Thread: im ripping m4a files and wma files

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    i put my cd in to rip it. the songs show up as m4a files and wma files. how can i make these files in mp3's?

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    Don't convert files from one compressed format to another.

    Either rip to .wav then convert using your choice of mp3 encoder such as LAME or use a program like freeripmp3.
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    814 scroll down for a version
    then go here :

    install eac in a folder then install razorlame in a folder in the eac folder ,start eac it will also ask for a codec ( razorlame),point eac to the folder of razorlame ,leave the default settings as such when ripping

    the proggie converts the wma files to a wave file and then converts to mp3
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    Just rip them to MP3's with WMP instead of ripping them to WMA. It will do MP3's from 56kbs to 320 kbs

    Go to tools>options>ripped music

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