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Thread: Help - How To Connect My Laptop To My Tv?

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    Help - How to connect my laptop to my TV?

    thanks in advance.

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    Most laptops have a S-Video output on the back, which either connects to the S-Video connector on you TV, or through an adaptor to a Composite Video or SCART socket.

    If there is no TV out then it it possable to buy a converter to use on the VGA out, these cost around 30 in the UK

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    on mine my tv has a s-video socket on the front, so just plug it in there, you will also need a cable for the sound, just a hedphone socklet to phono plugs will do.

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    First off you need to make sure you Graphics card has TV-OUT if not your going to have no buy 1

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    I also have connected my laptop to my TV.S video to S video.One problem its grey and fuzzy? I can " mirror" or expand my desktop to the TV as my ATI radeon 9000 mobility video driver allows but this situation seems to be ary? Any help or suggestions.And yes I have been searching the "net" for a few days now and I finally found an intelligent forum to post on...Thank god. Thanks for whos ever time I recieve.

    Oh I am obviously a new member. I live in Michigan,usa.Look for detroit metro airport and I live there.So close I have jet plane skid marks on my roof

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    This looks like a good guide

    All spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in my post's are intentional.

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    Yeah found that article to be un-helpful.BUT I do appreciate your suggestion.

    I have already updated,double checked,plugged and unplugged everything.I just have a fuzzy picture...color but fuzzy.
    I have adjusted resolution,color properties and everything else I could think of


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