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Thread: Creepy/Hidden/Subliminal Things in Games...

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    Japanese Metal Gear Solid 2 Demo for PS2 - One of the guards says a Japanese phrase that sounds 100% exactly the same as "FUCK!". No joke, It's hilarious. You shoot him with the tranq gun to make em say it once in awhile.

    Sims 1 for PC - When a sim is tired, they yell a phrase at you and then perform a "Butt Fucking" motion to the air. Who really does then when they're tired?

    Sims 1 for PC - One of the adult male's phrases are "I'M SARN-A GAYN, BOO BOO BEE BEE!!!". This sounds very close to the phrase,"I'M SORT OF GAY, WOO HOO PEE PEE"

    Grand Theft Auto 3 - When you pick up a prostitute and pay her for some "service"...You can switch to a front view to see that You and Her are mearly sitting there while the vehicle bumps up and down. Must be ONE HELL OF A HANDJOB!... (I havn't checked in Vice or SanAndreas, but it's probably the same.)

    Tomb Raider 2: At Lara's house, that damn Butler follows you around everywhere!!! He even cuts a fart sometimes!!! Maybe he just wants a piece of ass.

    Super Smash Brothers: Captain Falcon's ...FALCON KICK, when heard from a distance, sounds a lot like "Smokin Shit!" . Some guys were playing it at a party I was at a few years ago and we had 6 newcomers walk in the livingroom asking ,"Why does that guy keep smoking his shit..?"
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    your a very observant person...

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    this is a great thread,

    now i'll always be keeping close eye/ears on the games more.. lol

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    In halo, when those elites yell "AHHH BOLBEMORT!" or something along those lines, its' "Don't even think about it soldier" when run backwards.

    thats all i can think of

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    haha those are crazy...

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    So crazy I might even believe some of them.
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    In Hitman 2, when the guards take a piss in the first level, you can zoom-in using a sniper scope. From close up, their penis is actually a giant thumb!!! It's got a fingernail and it's even attached to their hand!
    I found this one on a Hitman 2 board awhile back and just remembered.

    In Hitman 2, most people look at you with autistic motor skills...The programmers were too lazy to resolve the issue, so the game's unsuspecting people are just plain creepy most of the time.

    In San Andreas Hot Coffee Mod, CJ keeps his clothes on while his girlfriend takes some stuff off. I never though girls liked to get "dry-humped" every single time...

    In the Metal Gear Solid 2: Japanese Demo, You can shoot a guard in both hands and a foot...he'll then hop away on a single limb to alert another guard. The english version had this removed due to it's...potential disturbance...but it's still quite hilarious. Hell, the whole demo is hilarious compared to the Full Version. Otacon says SNAKKKAR...which pretty much sounds the same as "Snicker! SNICKER!!!!!!)

    In Metal Gear Solid 2 (Full Version): When Raiden is stripped of all his clothes, he can still perform a side-flip in the air....revealing his...Barbie Ken-Doll privates. Very Creepy that they even allow him to do that naked....ewww.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfmight
    Super Smash Brothers: Captain Falcon's ...FALCON KICK, when heard from a distance, sounds a lot like "Smokin Shit!" .
    OMG I thought the same thing! Everyone thought I was fucking crazy, but it's true!

    Also, in Shadow the Hedgehog when he gets shot with laser blasts, I'm not sure exactly what he's saying, but I swear to god it sounds like he says "Fuck!"

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    In mortal kombat deception some times it sounds like Scorpion say's "Get the fuck over here!".... Although I think he just say's it lol its not subliminal but its still fun!! ^.^
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    Can I say one?

    In Half Life 2 when you listen very closly to the ambience you can hear creepy noices like in the school area you can hear kids play and stuff like that, its vewry faint. Also the zombies i think, if i remember say stuff backwards but when played in the game it just sounds like screaming.

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