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Thread: Msi K7n2g-l

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    I have the opportunity to get my hands on one of these boards for 80 quid. Does anyone have one ? and if so is it any good.... I know its Nforce2 chipset with GeForce 4 onboard (will do temporalily till better cards come out ) is it worth the cash ?.. Any comments on this M/board are much appreciated

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    have you tried looking at review of this board?
    if not:

    i personally have the asus A7N8X (nForce2 chipset) and have had no real problems with it
    i know that this chipset is supposed to be pretty good and i paid about 120 for mine, so i'd say go ahead

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    that MSI board is an AWESOME deal
    i have the K7n2, its the same board without the onboard
    video which i did not want or need because i have a video
    card already. the nforce2 chipset is receiving praises at all
    the pc stores i visit. mine runs great with no problems whatsoever.
    trust me pick up that board before you lose the chance.

    here is a link to a review of that specific board.
    if i remember correctly this board actually beats all the others that
    have the nforce2 chipset. with asus close behind


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