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Thread: 0-day releases...

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    On many torrent pages, there is such "0-day Packs"...Does these packs include releases of that specific day or something? And is the packs the same for all torrent pages / who makes them?

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    0Day or Zero Days refers to software, media, or information that is obtained either slightly prior to or on the day of the official release. Items gained further in advance are deemed "Negative day" or sometimes "-day". Wikipedia

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    But these "0-day Packs" (with lots of software and such), are they released on the day of the 0-day releases?

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    You can try to register @
    They have a lot of these = Day packages.


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    IMHO it means that you get the file on the day a group released it...

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    I might be dating myself, but back in the days before the internet, this was a common statement. Back then the warez sites were called "Bulletin Boards".

    Essentially the site is trying to make the claim that they have the latest and the greatest warez. It may or not be accurate, but it sounds kool!


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