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Thread: Divx Avi To Svcd Problem

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    when i convert a divx avi to svcd, the film sticks for fractions of a second now and again, this is the same for converting to vcd.

    Does anybody know if there svcd eqilivent for the program avi2vcd with it's ease of use.

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    That's the problem with avi2vcd because it's not compatible with the new divx or xvid. I don't think there is one as easy to use as avi2vcd Wish there was though.

    btw, avi2vcd hasn't been updated for over a year (or was it 2 ) so... yea

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    i've also tried tmpgenc and it also gave me the same stickin and i also tried DVD2SVCD but it gave me a bunch of files instead of one encoded file and i did follow the instructions on dvdhelp.

    I think the fault is trying to convert divx avi's to vcd/svcd on all progams,
    divx just does'nt like to be converted, someone tell me if i'm wrong

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