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    Hey can somebody help me how I can create a database for the movies I got so when I want to watch whatever I can put them up off my database. also what kind of storage space will I need .

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    >_< I can&#39;t beleive I am doing this&#33;&#33;&#33; >_<

    But since I have a nice gentle soul.....follow the link below.....

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    Creating a database is a lot of work and nobody wants to write a dissertation since there are entire books dedicated to the subject . I made one using a spreadsheet just to keep things simple. However, there are ready made programs out there that will more than do what you want such as this one: CLICK HERE. Just follow the link to the verified software to get the hash or ed2k links. Otherwise, learn Access, Excel, or whatever DB app you want. Microsoft has a bunch of database/spreadsheet example templetes you can adapt or modify for these purposes. You can also surf the net for templetes in Access or Excel.

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    Thanks for the help I well try the link and see how things go. I appreciate the the timely response.


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