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Thread: dividing media tracks

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    i downloaded a 2 hour long live set and its all as one track. i really want to put it on to cd but its way too long. can anyone help me? i'd be happy to put it on 2 discs but i cant figure out how to divide it. i've just got win media player and sonic at the moment is there anything i can do? i dont have an mp3 compatable cd player either.

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    I used absolute mp3 splitter to split tracks. It's easy to use.

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    thanks man that worked a treat! i cant believe thier isnt a function on windows media player for that though.

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    Does it have a .cue?
    You can open the .cue file in Easy CD-DA Extractor and then extract perfectly seperated tracks from the huge audio files. That .cue has the timecodes.


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