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Thread: Numbers in the upper left-hand corner

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    I'm watching a movie in MPC, and there are these numbers displayed in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Is there anyway to remove them?

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    is it all movies or just the one?

    if it's all of them, you'll have a frame rate display thingy turned on. check your graphics card advanced settings and if video programs like FRAPS aren't running

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    It's just this one.

    Infact, this is the first time this has happened.
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    sounds like a work print

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vargas
    sounds like a work print
    or a (DVD)screener.

    A pre VHS tape, sent to rental stores, and various other places for promotional use. A screener is supplied on a VHS tape, and is usually in a 4:3 (full screen) a/r, although letterboxed screeners are sometimes found. The main draw back is a "ticker" (a message that scrolls past at the bottom of the screen, with the copyright and anti-copy telephone number). Also, if the tape contains any serial numbers, or any other markings that could lead to the source of the tape, these will have to be blocked, usually with a black mark over the section. This is sometimes only for a few seconds, but unfortunately on some copies this will last for the entire film, and some can be quite big. Depending on the equipment used, screener quality can range from excellent if done from a MASTER copy, to very poor if done on an old VHS recorder thru poor capture equipment on a copied tape. Most screeners are transferred to VCD, but a few attempts at SVCD have occurred, some looking better than others.

    Same premise as a screener, but transferred off a DVD. Usually letterbox , but without the extras that a DVD retail would contain. The ticker is not usually in the black bars, and will disrupt the viewing. If the ripper has any skill, a DVDscr should be very good. Usually transferred to SVCD or DivX/XviD.


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