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Thread: Bittorrent Problems - Anyone registered ?

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    Hi ,

    Up until a few days ago I was an active member of torrentit with a ratio well over the .7 limit . Anyway a few days ago I noticed a massive drop in my ratio and when I checked things out torrents were being downloaded using my membership when I wasn't even logged on

    I posted my problems on the torrentit forum and was advised to contact a moderator which I did and then the following day I discovered that I can no longer log in and that my email address is no longer registered with there database

    Is it possible for anyone who is registered with this site to check if I have been banned or possibly contact a moderator on my behalf - my original posting should still be in the forums - my userid is Fred20 - alternatively if anyone has an invite going spare !!

    Many thanks

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    fred20 was last seen:

    2006-01-26 20:40:30 (1 hour ago)

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    Looks like someone has hijacked my userid then !! and I've somehow been locked out of the site
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    I am also locked out of my TorrentIt account for no reason. I have an fine ratio. Does anyone know how to contact the staff and get this sorted out???


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