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    ok, it installed fine. went to run and it asked for the disk. swapped in the file from the hack folder and tried again. got a blank screen and had to reboot. i'm running a geforce 3 ti 200 128 meg vid card with the newest drivers, directx 9.0a, athalon xp 1800 processor, 256 meg ram, running windows 98. any ideas? i'm stumped.

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    the same thing happiened with me for hitman 2

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    the only problem i've had with hitman 2 is the occasional drop to desktop. then again i didnt get it as an image file. i seem to be having all kinds of trouble with cd images, the games i've dl'd as exe files run fine, i cant make a cd if my life depended on it right now.

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    i take it either nobody knows how to fix this problem, or i'm being ignored.

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    You're not being ignored I guess no one knows what the problem is, or doesn't know a fix for it

    EDIT: After reading your post in an "exact same" post futher on down... have you tried downloading it again? .ISO's, more-so with the larger ones, easily corrupt downloading over kazaa. I've tried to download MW4 at least 5 times but it was always corrupted. People say exiting/restarting kazaa, and jumping supernodes are to blame

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    my copy of freelancer works fine.....apart from the fact i have no sound !!!!! apart from the intro video ... im using ac97 codec (built in jobbie )....maybe im missing disc 2 lol

    and i have a lowly system ( t'was good at the time lol)

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    i'm in the process of downloading again, it took over a week to get the first time but i'm using 3 different programs - kazaa lite, emule, and bittorrent.... hopefully i'll get something that works off one of em

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    if u want me to reseed my bittorrent of it i can, its no problem i got it dled in 1day and shared it for bout a week..


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