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Thread: file sizes and DIVX or SVCD????

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    Im new to this movie downloading thing and have a couple questions. So far i have downloaded 5 movies and 4 were xvid and the other one was svcd. i dont end up watching them on my computer, i burn them and watch them on my tv. Before i do any more of this stuff i was just wondering what format(svcd or xvid),file size,video frps etc. i should be looking for if i want good quality when watching on my t.v.(not my computer), and what all that stuff means. Most people told me the best way to go is download the 4GB biggest file size in dvd-r format but in my case i dont want to use to much space on my HD so other than the 3 or 4GB dvd-r movie releases. What format,file sizes,video frps etc. are the best quality when burning them with nero 7 premium to a DVD-r in dvd-r format or to a CD-r in SVCD format and watching on tv?

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    best quality are HR HDTV releases, but those are 20+ GB a movie

    If you don't want DVD-r releases you should download XviD releases (700mb or 2x 700mb).

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    Yeah i dont go with the dvd releases because of the large file sizes. And xvid is what i have been downloading and for the most part they are not to bad. Two of them were just a little pixelated when i burnt them on dvd-r. The svcd (wedding crashers) that i downloaded and then burnt to a dvd-r has perfect picture quality. I geuss my next question would be what would be the difference when downloading, burning to dvd and watching and SVCD to a XVID?

    Thanks ike

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    You should pay more attention to whethere it is a TC/CAM or Screener and so on.

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    yeah i dont download cam or telesyncs. all of mine are dvdrips and only one is a telecine. The one i have that is a telecine is kong, it is not bad video and audio quality at all

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    Best way to go about it is only dl divx/xvids (700mb or 2x 700mb). Don't dl dvd-r format unless you have high bandwidth 6mb or higher. (Anyway you said you dont have much hd space so stick with divx/xvids).

    Don't dl anything other than Telecine,Svhs screener,Dvd screener,Dvd rip. At a push dl vhs screeners or really good rated telesyncs (8.0 or above) check here for ratings

    If your dl is in two parts probably best using an app like AVI MPEG RM WMV Joiner to join them first. I do it this way myself because it saves less problems later especially if you wait for an hour to convert to dvd then find out somethings wrong.

    When converting up you dl's use the latest versions of either VSO DIVX to DVD or WINAVI VIDEO JOINER. In VSO the only two settings you really need to worry about are in Settings/General/TV Format. Set the video standard to your region. PAL (uk) or NTSC (US,ASIA) and set TV screen to auto (it will just use the aspect ratio that the divx was done at) then press convert. Winavi is faster at converting but it's a bit more complicated to set up the way you want it first time out, although Vso can be just as quick but that's more down to your p.c's processor,video card,memory etc.

    When it comes to burning I don't know what make your dvd drive is so I can't tell you what dvd media would be best for you to use. I found this site useful for reviewing dvd media for different drives.

    I remember when I first started converting files to dvd and I had nobody to help me. It was a pain in the arse. (just wait till you want to start converting dvds to xvids!!)

    Easier way round all this is buy yourself an xbox and get it softmodded/chipped and you can just burn the divx/xvids to disc and stick em in the dvd drive and watch them on the telly.

    Hope this helps you out, have fun shouting at your p.c and calling it a prick cause it ain't doing what your asking!!
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