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Thread: Dail Up probs

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    Im on another computer than the one at my place with cable internet and they dail up and i notice the Bytes Received are much larger than the ones sent. Can that make it slow?

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    whoa mate you really are noob...
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    lol i think its funny cause you make fun of me for what? I just asked something. Sorry i have a life unlike you

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    When you are browsing the web it is normal to download much more data than you upload. The upstream data is just short messages like "please send me the website", "I received the first part of the webpage, send more data", "a bit got lost, send it again"

    This does not cause an internet connection to be slow. Dial up internet access is slow because analog telephone conversations get digitised at 64Kpbs by the line card at the exchange.

    i think its funny cause you make fun of me for what?
    They think it is amusing that you could not work out the answer to this question for yourself.

    Sorry i have a life unlike you
    You don't know anything about their lives.

    Personally I prefer to give helpful answers. On rare occasions I’ve posted some incredibly stupid messages on the internet, usually late in the evening while half asleep, and deserved the responses I got.

    Since we are not paid tech support it doesn’t matter if we offend people occasionally. In a grumpy moment I suggested someone on this board take an english night class. That probably offended him but it was helpful, he'd be better off if he followed that advise.

    As you imply it is quite possible for stupid people to have full and enjoyable lives. Stupid people tend not to be troubled by things like the meaning of life, the purpose of existence and the inevitability of the USA defaulting on it's foreign debt sometime in the next ten years. Stupid people who work hard can do well and live like a king by the standards of the average person. (The average person is a Chinese peasant.)
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