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Thread: Burning PS2 & X-Box games...please help

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    I have an iMac G5and Toast 6 Titanium.

    I guess I have a pretty simple question, but I am only moderately experienced w/ computers and need some help...
    I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to burn copies of PS2 & X-Box games (to Dvd or CD--whichever is better)?

    If it's too much to post, maybe I could be steered twds. a good tutorial.

    I tried burning a copy of a game myself and it said I had made a successful burn, but the copy didn't work on my PS2.

    (I looked all around here and didn't find anything geared twds. what I want to do. I'm sorry if I overlooked something).

    Please help--Thanks a lot!

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    I think you will need to install a chip in your ps2 or x-box first
    in order for them to start burned copies

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    do you have a modded xbox and ps2 or a bootdisc of some sort?


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