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Thread: FIFA WorldCup, Germany 2006.

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    "Welcome to the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™"

    Seventeen years after the fall of the Berlin wall, a reunified Germany will throw open its doors to the world.
    Germany 2006 will be a place where people from all around the world will be welcomed by friends, in the spirit of the striking slogan chosen by the organisers:
    Die Welt zu Gast bei Freunden.

    The tournament is being held on the finest stage in the world, one whose symbolism far transcends the boundaries of sport.
    Hark back to Germany’s triumph at the 1954 FIFA World Cup in Switzerland, which sealed the country’s return to
    the international fold in the most beautiful manner possible. ...continues

    I love this Tournament, and enjoy it like no other, really!.
    It's only six months (apx) and I'm already exited about it; I remember staying up till very early to catch the matches from the KoreaJapan 2002,
    it was aired at like 2am here in Tijuana, but it was worth, cus there is no better played 'fut bol', than the one played at the WorldCup. I love it!
    And the inauguration gala just adds to the exitement, but saddlly I believe it has been calceled...
    I was looking foward to seeing the Black Eyed Peas.

    By the way,
    Mexico just had a match against Norway,
    "We Won", 2 to 1.
    And most interesting is that it was the return of 'Cuautemoc Blanco', a very controversial player
    with an 'atitude', but actually, this time he behaved and did well, I don't like him at all,
    but given this change of his, I can reconsider my pisition,

    But the one Im really waiting for, is scheduled for Feb 15,
    against Korea, this team did very well in 2002 WorlCup.

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    I don't know how I did it,
    but I double posted,
    could you delete this one please?

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    double threaded?


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