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    having trouble with secure pages ie:my ebay ,checkout's on store sites ,updates for software etc...
    i installed sp2 for xp but it had trouble on restart so i used system restore to go back but since then i have this just comes up page unavalible. some of my programs wont update they just give me error messages.i looked in the internet setting but everything looks fine...iwent onto a online spyware+adware tool and did a check and it found some thing called drsmart117a.exe.but i cant find it in the folder it said it was ,veiwed hidden aswell still nothing anyone any idea's...i was looking on the microsoft pages but cant see anything myself pls help

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    any idea's?

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    Your problem is too general, so maybe it's time for you to reinstall windows.
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    was thinkin that

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    If you can't install SP2, something is wrong with your OS. Imo if one won't install SP2 ....

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    it installed but then had some problems.


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