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Thread: Mac Os X Or Solaris For X86

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    does anyone have a verified sig2dat for a mac os x retail iso image, i have never had a chance to play around with mac's rewrite of unix and want to give it a try,

    and im also looking for an x86 version of solaris to play with(i seem to collect OS's) from what i hear they stopped making it for x86 at version 9 or something so if you have an x86 version of solaris that would be cool to

    thanx for your time in any case

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    Sun did initaly say that there wouold be no Solaris 9 for x86, but they changed their minds when they started to ship intel based low end systems. the solaris binaries can be ontained from the sun website:

    edit: just noticed that they nolonger let the x86 version to be downloaded for free


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