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    Is it me... I mean just me.... Can it be only me...........

    For the last 3 days I have been down loading a file that should of only taken 1 hour tops. The problem is the speeder uper monkey thingy finds more peeps to down load from but for some reason they dont conect. It can find as many as 6 others it tries to conect but with no joy. When it finds one that will conect its like only 0.45 kbs

    Is it me doses my breath smell am i so ugly peeps wont share files with me .

    I have 600k Broad Band conection in the UK. I have a limmit of 1 gig per day but i rearly reach that limmit. Normaly i have no problems with any Down Load. Zoom Zoom Whosh Bang Pop and its done.

    BIRDS OF PREY I would............ pity it finished

    Oh I love you guys fantastic what you have done keep up the good work

    Desparate Unafraidcheese

    (aka Shady )

    Please some one tell me whats going on here its driveing me nuts am i being blocked or some thing its only with this file 4 days now its al most finished but no one will conect now WHATS HAPPENING

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    I guess they really dun like you then.
    Sorry Unafraid Cheese you will need more than that litre of mouthspray in your handbag .

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    to last reply G THANK (Git) Gargleing. I dun got a hand bag, Just a sac


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    Just an up date.

    I have uninstalled Kazaa-lite off my comp and installed Kazaa-lite build 3 so far so good.

    The new Build looks good.

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    I got the same problem as you, I am on NTL 600kbs Broadband too..
    I was going to post about the same thing but mite as well uses your post...

    I know rear files can be hard to get...
    But what I don’t get is how come 6 or so peers speed up finds to dl from but will never coner or if I am lucky connects to 1...
    Same as when you start a dl in search you have 10 peer or more but will connect to 1 may 2 or you end up cueing for it wft going on???

    Well I am not going mad not that mad any way…and not the only other peer to get this problem …

    The only suggestion I can think of is that there is a lot of K++ users now and with all the cheats etc they are classing with ECT other or some this…

    Maybe one of the programmers can shed some light on the problem…


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    I had this happen i shut down k+++ and restarted and everything worked


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