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Thread: any another artist name like iwannadownload?

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    if i search for a movie in kazaa or any another filesharing program, it gives alot of results but most of them are fak and not real version of that movie. so, thats why i add the word "iwannadownload" with the movie title when i search in kazaa or kazaa lite, to get the real version.
    is there any another keyword like "iwannadownload" to get the real version of movies?
    is ther another way to get real version of movies?

    and another quesion about torrent files, i have downloaded bitspirit and search for some movies and all of them were fak ,not real version , so how can i get the real version of movies in bitspirit?
    where should i search and how to the get the real version of movies?

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    Kazaa for movies? Thats like 1990

    What u need is a site which have real hashes/torrents for movies, games etc.

    for eMule:

    for Bittorrent:

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    this eMule sucks.,.i mixed up with this.,.its speed is so low
    kazaa is simple and u can download movies after 1 month in cinema

    i download some torrnt movies befor but the file was not avi or mpeg or ... it was not video file.,., how can i open it?

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    in eMule u can download 3days after the movie hits the cinema. but i agree eMule can be slow at times but in time it will speed as u build up ur credits.

    about ur video file. if its avi or mpeg that wat is it? wat is the extension of the file?

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    wel i downloaded the movie hostel from torrnt with bitspirit.

    but after the download finished i didnt see any file in sction video

    so click right and then pick folder

    in the folder

    in cd1

    click on one of these rar files.

    see these files are not avi or mpeg or any video file...
    what should i do now?

    in kazaa you just click on file and you see the movie! but here it's look complicated..i mixed up
    plaease tell me how to watch the movie?

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    hmmm. I also prefer it when there are avi files, most movies on bittorrent are as avis thankfully.

    You need to use either Daemon Tools:
    Or Alchohol 120% to mount the bin file onto a "virtual" CD drive.

    Or if you have Nero, you should be able to burn the bin/cue file onto a CD.

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    i wont burn .. dvd...
    wel, i selected all rar files then extract here

    then with deamon slecting cd1.cue

    new window pop up

    but no video files!
    so, wer is de f*** movie??

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    Now goto inside the MPEGAV folder. There u will find a .dat file. Open that dat file with ur choice of media player and it will work.

    Alternately, u can download VLC player( and play the .bin file with it.

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    thank you all, its working now.
    the best way i see is to this: deamon

    2.then do this .cue file in the movie folder in cd1 or cd2 ...

    4.a new window may pop up windows media player

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    when i see a torrrnt file like this:
    Munich.2005.DVDSCR.XviD-DragonTorrent - 1.34 GB

    does it mean that it 's full movie?
    so why there is [1] here on file name?
    is it part 1 ?

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