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Thread: the inventor

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    Science magazine came out with a report on the difference between men and women's brains.
    Apparently women are more controlled by a part of the brain called singletgyrus.

    Men are more controlled by a part of the brain known as the penis.

    Making a speech against the proliferation of X-rated videos, the mayoral candidate said, "I rented one of these cassettes and was shocked to find by my count five acts of oral sex, three of sodomy, a transsexual making love to a dog, and a woman accommodating five men at once. If elected, I vow that tapes such as these will no longer befoul our fair community." He concluded the fiery denunciation by asking, "Are there any questions?"
    Five people shouted in unison, "What was the name of the tape?"

    This man goes along to the Patent Office with some of his new designs. He says to the clerk, "I'd like to register my new invention. It's a folding bottle."
    "OK," says the clerk. "What do you call it?"

    "A fottle, replies the inventor."

    "A fottle? That's a stupid! Can't you think of something else?"

    "I can think about it. I've got something else though. It's a folding carton."

    "And what do you call that?" asks the clerk.

    "A farton," replies the inventor. "That's rude. You can't possibly call it that!"

    "In that case," says the inventor... "You're really going to hate the name of my folding bucket."

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