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Thread: why bittorrents so slow?

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    Im new to the bittorrents and i wanted to know why they are so slow?? is it my conection speed. i have a cable connection. which is not slow at all. is there a way to speed it up on downloading..

    what is a seed by the way? how does it work

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    Seed is a person or a computer who has the whole file. The more the seeds for a torrent, the more the speed.

    Seeding is uploading the file u have after u have completed the download.

    Leecher/Peer are the ones who are current downloading the file. Leecher also stands for the person who downloads the file but aviods uploading after.

    As for ur slow download speeds. are u sue u have forwarded ur ports in ur router if u have one? Which BT client u use? do u get a NAT error?

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    What client are you using? Some are faster then others. I am using uTorrent and it downloads very fast no more then a day for file up to or slightly more then 1 GB.

    I set my upload limit to 17 KB/s or slightly less then my upload capability.

    Also, how many seeds/peers are you connected to. If you don't have enough connections it will be slow. uTorrent makes very good use of many connections and shows me what parts are available so I know if it can ever be completed.

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    utorrent is just the way to go ,small and powerfull

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    yeah... why are torrents so slow... ? i got my ports forwarded... :/

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    The slowness of the downloads, I believe, has to do with your internet service provider. For example Optimum Online will cap your internet speed once you have uploaded an "excessive amount". Since bittorrents features the download/upload format and say you were downloading the family guy season 1, 2, 3, an 5. The data upload that is seeded could be anywhere from 3GB and up. For Optimum Online that would rasie concern....Keep it up and you'll soon be capped in your speeds. Find out if you internet service provider caps if there is alot of uploading.

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    It's all about seeds and availability. Your downloads are probably slow because not a lot of people are seeding massive amounts of hentai porn in the middle of the night. on the other hand, if you download something small/useful that lots of people have one there computer (i.e. Limewire pro, Winamp, Winrar) you will get blazing speeds. There's no quick fix for this unfortunately.


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