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Thread: Task group IEEE aproves new wireless standard 802.11n !

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    Task group n has voted unanimously to confirm selection of a joint proposal for high throughput wireless local area networks. This proposal will amend and extend the IEEE 802.11(TM) WirelessLAN standard to incorporate new technologies for increasing the throughput of wireless local area networks up to 600 Mbps.
    Prior to and during the March session, the proposal will be formatted into draft format and further developed in preparation for issuance of a letter ballot. Additionally a coexistence assurance document, in compliance with requirements from 802.19, will be prepared for distribution with the letter ballot when it is issued.


    n works through mimo (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technique wich works by using multiple antennas that handels traffic simultanious.
    There is a lot resistance against using these technics as a standard.
    But 1 day after the decission was made Broadcom ( released a Intensi-fi 802.11n chipset..
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    Good news!!!

    I've been waiting for this and...........will wait a little longer 'cause the hardware is probably going to be expensive.
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