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    can any good souls pls help me!?

    i have had mirc. but i just cant work it out, all i want to do is obtain files and i will post them and share.

    Could someone post a link for good software to use irc.(i deleted mirc. in frustration&#33 and if its not 2 much an idiots guide to the commands used in irc.

    i have a good pc with a good connection and i want to put it to good use and be able to obtain the latest stuff for sharing. PLEASE FORGIVE MY IGNORANCE ON THE MATTER

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    try this, don't know if it'll help.

    mirc. set up

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    Cheers that helped a little but when i get on a channel im not sure how to get any packets, what are the general command prompts that you might use to get the list and get a game?

    most grateful for any help here, i can see xmen2 but cant get at it(frustrating&#33

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    You have to make sure the person or AI, watever it is , usually a username...always take note of the topic, it tells you who you should get it off. And then, I get a bit uncertain here, you nid to CTCP that user, then trigger the filename...then it's like a file transfer from there on...

    THis is not a proven solution, or whether anything I wrote above is correct , but it should be sumthing like that tho...

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    cheeers i have managed to work out how to get packs now BUT for some reason i cant connect and when i try to get files it says file type not recognised


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