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Thread: FTP / PUB section ?

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    tdamary's Avatar Member
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    Nov 2005
    Why nobody talks about FTP/PUB ?!?
    is there any board that still work that way?!?

    what do you think??


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    FTP servers that are open to everyone become useless when they are announced on popular forums. Either "Too many users - try again later" or 0.1KB/s download speed.
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    Yeah i agree, at least with torrents, the edonkey etc you have to upload in order to download, but with ftp there is a lot of stress on the one source.
    Still, i'm sure that there are good ftp servers out there if you know the right people... hope that you find one

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    leungsw's Avatar Member
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    Feb 2006
    Hong Kong
    some good ftp sites in China. But you have to know Chinese Language.

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    Feb 2006
    y not just use newsgroups? just as good as a ftp and top speed or even torrentbytes top speed from there but u gotta upload what u download or they will throw u in the bin
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