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Thread: burning dvd's

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    ii am a newbie when it comes to this stuff. i just downloaded a movie and i am wondering if i can burn it right away then watch in my dvd or do i have to do something with the file i have. the file i want to burn is in avi format and i have no clue what format i need it in to view on home dvd or how to change the format in the first place.
    any help would be awesome


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    get something called VSO DivxtoDVD

    search for it in yahoo/google/whatever

    download the program an run will let you play ur downloaded stuff on a dvd player

    its pretty fast (by pretty fast I mean it has a 1x time...meaning if the movie is a hour it will take a hour to convert it...)

    its the fastest program ive seen

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    You can use Nero and convert using nero vision express straight to vob files which you can burn onto a dvd (if you have a dvd burner).

    If you dont have a dvd burner, you must have a cd burner. If you do, then you can use nero and make it into a vcd (video cd) and most DVD players support vcds.

    To convert into VCD: you can use - NeroVision, TMPGenc.

    If you need the Nero Software the special way, PM me and I can upload it for you, then you can install it and convert/burn the AVI file.

    Tell us if you have a cd or dvd burner first.


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