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Thread: Make a torrent

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    Hi guys, I had a look around this site some very helpful stuff in here, but I'm looking for a guide to making a torrent for upload in utorrent. I've only ever tried it once and it didnt work, but i would love to try it again. Anyone point me in the direction of a step by step for this so i can make my first ever successful torrent. Many Thanks in advance.

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    here is a guide for making private torrents:

    to make public ones just upload the torrent to dump sites
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    Why make private torrents?
    Less people will be able to get them.

    I always make them public, and post them in like six torrent websites;
    and I've had good results, most of the downloaders seed even longer than I do.

    Now to the topic:
    get Make a Torrent, it's very easy to use.

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