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Thread: Wireless connections "G" and "B"

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    Recently I have bought Sony Vaio BX196VP and haev problems connecting to my Wireless network.

    Vaio is able to pick up the wireless conenctions, but says 'Limited or No connectivity' so I cannto access the Internet. My old Laptop has no problem working with my wireless connection.

    I did a search on the net and found out that Vaio BX196VP has a wireless card "G" but my wireless settings are set to "B".

    So any idea how I can re-configure my Vaio to connect to "B" wireless conenction. Should it happen automatically.. or do I need to re-configure my Vaio????


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    Unless you have configured it specifically to operate on a "g" standard network, then it should drop down to the "b" standard automatically.

    Sony laptops have a small switch on the front edge to turn the wireless network on, I assume you've done that.
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    If I look at ' Wireless Connection > Properties > General ' of Vaio, I see 2 more additions:

    AEGIS Protocol (IEEE 802.1x) v3.2.0.3
    WLAN Transport

    The above 2 protocols are not present in my old laptop. Could they be causing the problem?


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    Right click on the wireless icon in the system tray (bottom right). View available wireless networks. Click on the one you want and hit the connect button.

    Alternatively try a sequential boot. That normally works for me

    Switch off the computer.

    Then the wireless router.

    Then the modem it is connected to.

    If it's a built in unit then obviously just switch the one thing off.

    Leave off for a minute or so, then switch everything back on, in reverse order. Again leaving a minute or so between them.

    So modem, router, computer.

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    Sony laptops have a small switch on the front edge to turn the wireless network on
    Thats a good bit of info, I spent hours reinstalling drivers trying to get a Dell laptop to connect to a wireless network before realising someone had hit FN+F2 which turned the wireless hardware on and off.

    >'Limited or No connectivity'
    This might be because the laptop has been given a static ip address and gateway setting which is not approprite for the network. Check that
    "automatically obtain an ip address" is on in tcp/ip propertys.

    After that check the machines ip address with winipcfg or ipconfig in a command prompt. If the wireless is connected (signal strength reading showing) then try ipconfig /renew

    This might be a problem with personal firewall software on the laptop.
    Zonealarm in paticular, uninstalling it may not be enough, you ocasionally have to reinstall windows to get networking full functional after it has been on the machine.
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