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Thread: Newshosting Problem

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    I have unlimited newshosting and I am having a speed problem. So i have been searching for an answer but haven't really come up with anything. I have tried all of the ports, changed newsreaders from grabit to newsleecher.

    I am getting around 250kB\s but my connection max's out at 750 kB\s

    I have found one solution but I want to check if it is not against the rules. Newshosting allows 8 max connections. I set my newsreader to have 25 bots (see picture below). Is this against the rules? Are bots the same as connections?

    This has been the only semi-solution that I have found to my problem. By doing this, it gets to about where i am maxing out. It is constantly fluctuating between about 550-750 kB/s

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    have u tried using grabbit 8 downloads at one time

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    When you connect only four and wait a bit for it to get going what does it top out at and preferable check large rars at 50 mb as smaller files go in and out so quickly that it shows the speed dropping when it switches to the following file. NewsHosting only allows 4 bots/connections as far as I recall. What this means is that if you add more that only four should connect. However if you have more and they connect then oh well although they might notice and close the additional connections...

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    newshosting now allows 8 connections since there upgrade to 40 days retention. i had speed issues yesterday but seems fine now, i can max out my connection (480kB\s) with just 2 connections. if you can't fix it yourself try emailing them they have always been helpful when i've emailed them.

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    I used grabit at 8 connections and it topped out at like 300. Which is why i switched to Newsleecher.

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    Yes, NewsHosting now allows 8 connections simultaneously on Unlimited accounts. Before, however, if you attempted to connect with more than 4 bots, it would deny all the 4 legitimate connections and would connect to 4 more that would get rejected again, over and over. The result would be a batch window full of "Unable to Connect" errors.

    Now with the 8 available, you really have to use all 8 to get constant speeds over 500kB/s, I suppose they lowered the amount of bandwidth for each connection, since you are allowed more of them.

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    So i shouldn't be able to max out my speeds with 8 connections?

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    You should be able to. Though I can't really be sure what is keeping you from doing so. You've tried using more than one client?

    Not using a specific IP to connect to the server are you? Should be using as the server address.

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    I have tried more than one client. I am using

    Not sure what you mean by specific IP.


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