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Thread: mIRC - Can't receive DCC send WRT54G - Wireless-G Broadband

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    this issue has been bugging me again now as i changed routers.

    when i try to send out a dcc transfer, it doesnt work. i can received a transfer fine but I cant send anything out. I've tried it without connecting to my router and i can send and receive properly.

    ive set up my ports properly (forward ports 4070-4075). i've tried different ranges as well (higher and lower port numbers) and still no luck. and im using mirc 6.16 and a WRT54G - Wireless-G Broadband Router.

    here is a picture of the port forwarding set up.

    i have configured a static ip address from the router and disabled DHCP. so basically, i have the same ip so i know that's not the issue.

    if anyone knows how i can get this to work with this router, please help me out. much appreciated.

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    Is your local IP really

    Check that. Go to the command prompt and type ipconfig and press enter.

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    The addy should be fine if thats the one setup as static in windows. The only difference that is when I use IRC I open more ports from 1024 to 5000. When I tried the smaller ranges sometimes it wouldnt connect. Think the reason is it relies on everyone having those same ranges setup. Those that dont and send outside that range wont find you. This becomes even more complicated if they are on a NAT as well. Make sure you setup the DCC options in your IRC app also...
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    all you have to do see if you can find you own router, click on the link..and follow the instructions for opening all the ports irc needs to function correctly...success!

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    checked local ip on mirc
    //localinfo -h | .timer 1 4 echo -a PC (lan) IP is $!ip | .timer 1 6 localinfo -u

    and on windows xp
    / run / CMD / ok / IPCONFIG

    got the same number

    the ports are forwarded, i have unticked Block Anonymous Internet Requests

    not too sure whats going on here. should i set a wider port range. i was under the idea that if you open five ports, that means you can have 5 connections. so thats why i used a range of 5.

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    Have you done as reality said and set Mirc to use the same ports?

    have you power cycled the router and restarted mirc after changing the port settings?
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    ..just thinking, are you using a cable connection or if not, have you tried it with a cable connection? I also had issues with a wireless connection, but I never actually configured mirc for more than joining the chats.

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    Check your router Firewall. Sometimes even if you forward the ports, if the firewall is active it will screw stuff up anyway by blocking the incoming connections. I'd make sure it's disabled if it's got one, and stick it in DMZ too and see what happens. Then if it works, re-secure everything one bit ata time.


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