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Thread: Urgent Help Needed With Ps2 Modchip

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    Dec 2002
    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    I just got my magic 3.1 modchip today

    and I need some help with the installation.
    I got this off some instructions I found on the web.
    Suggested Wire: 28AWG (Data Wires) & 22AWG (Power and Ground Wires)
    now here is my chip

    and here is the diagram

    now could someone please tell me wich are datawires and wich are power and ground wires?
    also IF I decide to take it to a professional how much is a good price for such a job?(in US dollars)
    any other advice and (or) comments are welcome.

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    Dec 2002
    Maybe if you took it to a local computer shop, or someone who deals with electronic repairs, with the instructions you posted...
    ( A local shop in my town used to install PS1 modchips for $20 )

    If you don't know much about soldering or "what-goes-where", I'd just leave it alone...while it still works!

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    What kanadian said. it looks pretty straight forward, but if you've never done any soldering thats not the place to start. but if you wanna give it a shot the power wire is the +5V and ground is GND. you'll want a very fine tip on the iron. good luck.


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