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Thread: Dtm Race Drivers

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    Does any of you guys know if there are any Hashes for DTM race driver.
    I really want to have this game.


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    whats DTM? never heard of it.

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    dtm (Deutschen Tourenwagen Masters) is a european touring car championship
    cars like alfa romeo and opel have 450 bhp or more and race around various european tracks
    it used to be good to watch, but has become quite boring
    no info on the game though, sorry

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    ahhh like a german version of toca sry no have.

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    Theres also a localized version for Australia called v8 supercar race driver, so if you search for this you may find what your looking for. esentially the same game as dtm just with slightly different loading screens and such.

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    is toca race driver out for the pc yet?
    you might consider getting this game, as it's pretty much every closed wheel formula you could think of.

    i love the sound those aussie v8's make Ge4orceOne, i watched them last night. it's great to see them sliding around in the wet, spinning their wheels in pretty much ever gear.
    do you know how much power they produce (on average) and maybe some performance figures, please
    thanks in advance


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