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Thread: Blackcats Status

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    Anyone know what happened to Blackcats (

    I refuse to believe that the highly competent admin forgot to reregister the domain name.

    Stoi, here's lookin at you, kid.


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    I hear ya bigflavor, wtf happened in the last 6 hours? I hope BC is ok.

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    "Creation date: 06 Feb 2005 22:41:24
    Expiration date: 06 Feb 2006 22:41:24"

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    that sux

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    Yes is does... Hope we hear something about this...

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    Yes, hopefully we will be back up soon. Stoi said somewhere else that he can't pay for the domain with Paypal anymore, so I think he is trying to str8in that out. He said it may be up today.

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    oww man, lucky i found this thread, i was starting to get worried

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    any news?

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    i cant even remember signing up for here lol and 764 posts what the hell. this forum must have been called something else before, as i only ever had that amount of posts on my forums or the kazaa light forum back in the day.

    Welcome, stoi.
    You last visited: 12-15-2003 at 06:41 PM

    first of all i did not forget to re-register the domain name (i understand that was the first post, so no one knew what the hell was going on)

    i have known for a while now that the domain was due to expire, it expired on the 06/2/2006. i have been in contact with the domain company since a month before then, as they have stopped accepting paypal (why i have no idea) and i dont have any other means to pay for them.

    They informed me i had a month from the expiration date to pay and they will accept paypal again sometime in Feb.

    that to me sounded as if i had till the 6th March to get it sorted. I had no idea that as soon as it expired it would change to a search engine page (they did not inform me of this). As soon as the domain went down though i have been onto the company constantly hastling them, as they accept E-Gold but not paypal and i had an E-gold account but it didnt work out (and it looked rubbish tbh at the time).

    I have got someone trying to add funds to my account with the domain company but its taking forever and a day to get it sorted.

    i was hoping sunday just gone, now it looks like it wont be sorted until this sunday (if it ever gets sorted)

    if worst comes to the worst, i will sign up for a company that does accept paypal, and try to transfer the domains or buy them as soon as they expire, i dont think we are that big that others will buy them before me but you never know.

    i will keep yous updated on any other developements in this thread, but the site has not gone, and the server is still there (i just cant contact any of the members unless they contact me or read this thread)

    sorry for all the inconvenience but we will be back

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    Please be back i heard the site was great and i hope to be able to become a member in the near future.

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