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Thread: Help With Flt Files Plz

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    I just finished dl postal off of sprnova and its a rar file but when i extract it alll that i get is FLT files. They are all 14 mgs in size and theres one file that ends in sfv. I hope u guys can help me out ill post the game up on Kazza.

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    i assume this is the same fairlight release that i downloaded by ftp... it was made up of 45
    files named flt-pstl2.000-044, .nfo and .sfv -files. now the 000-044 files are packed .bin and .cue files
    you can unpack with winrar for example. now i don't know what you mean by "flt" files, try renaming them?

    the sfv file is for checksum verification, it lists the correct checksums for the packed files so you can check
    if they're ok (no errors, modifications ...) with freeware xcsv-utility ( for example.

    hope this helps B)

    btw. it's a crappy game imo

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    hey thanks for the info i just got another ques. i know that i extract them with winrar but i dont know what to do with it now. i know this question is a usual one but im really new at this.

    and thanks for tellin how the game is i just want to c y everyone wants it.

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    np, so you got the .bin&.cue files now? well next step is to burn the game to cd...
    (with this game i recommed cdrw if possible... ) i use fireburner but there are other
    good programs too.
    check this link for further info on burning image files:

    you can also mount the file on "virtual cdrom" if you don't wan't to burn it to cd... (daemon tools is ok)



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