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    I'm trying to put a song up on a web page, and I need it to be quit small.. What software do I have to use to make the file smaller (and have worse quality) but still have the same file, the same song and in same format?

    It's a wav file..

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    1. Open your Sound Recorder----Select Start, Programs, Accessories, and Multimedia(Win95)/Entertainment(Win/98). then select Sound Recorder.
    2. In the file menu select Open. Navigate to the folder where your WAV files are located.
    3. Select the wav you want to compress, and click Open
    4. In the file menu, select properties. A screen will come up that tells the length if the wav (playing time in seconds) and the file size and format. Take special note of the size and format because when you compress it you will be surprised at how much room you can save. If the format type says PCM you have a VERY large file. If the format type says MPEG Layer-3 it can still be compressed a little. If the type is PCM you don't need to note anything else because whatever format you convert it to it will be smaller If the type is MPEG Layer-3 note the-- #of kBits/s #hz. and whether it is Stereo or mono
    ** A little note here—Although Stereo is always nice to listen to, the speakers on a computer are not normally far enough apart to show a difference between stereo and mono, and mono uses much less space.

    Now you are ready to compress your WAV. On the lower portion of the properties window there is a place to click that says Convert Now… A Sound Selection window comes up with several options. The first is a pull down menu that says name. Then a pull down called format, and last a pull down called attributes.
    1. Open pull down menu called format and select MPEG Layer-3.
    2. Open pull down menu called attributes. Here is why you need to know the attributes of the wav you are converting. To reduce the size of the file choose the attributes that are smaller than the ones it has now.

    i.e. from "48 kBits/s 22,050hz stereo 6bit" to "32kBit/s 22,050hz mono 4bit"
    3. To save the trouble of selecting attributes each time, once you have selected the ones you want, you will see that the Name menu has changed to "untitled". Click on the "save as" button and type in MPEG into the window that opens up. Now each time you come back to convert a wav, you need only click the Name menu and select MPEG. It will select the attributes you have just chosen.
    4. Now you are ready to convert, so click ok. Once the conversion is completed the properties window comes back up. Check to see how much the size of the file has changed. Click ok and return to the Sound Recorder.
    5. Now you have to save the changes, so go to File and click save.

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    Thanks.. B)


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