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Thread: When windows overpowers you...

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    Good day everyone,

    I am about to just throw my pc away and turn to mac(everyone probably has the same feelin when using windows). Ever since I bought my new pc, I've had several problems regarding the DVD-R/DVD-RW. It kept crashing around 54%,98%. At first I thought it was Nero (cause I was nero)..nope wasnt nero, then checked my drivers for the dvd writer, wrong again... Thought I had one of those faulty writers (checked on forums) so I bought a new dvd writer(NEC Nd-3551A). I was so happy when the first cd I burned worked, turned out I was fooled because the next ones all died.... At the end, I just blamed windows and noticed that my *cough* pirated *cough* version of Windows xp pro was at fault because I could only get the important updates regarding security, but I was missing out the imapi stuff ( i think ).

    My question is, is it windows? anyone knows where I could get a working version (except the legal way :p) of windows that actually lets me update more than the security stuff.

    Or is windows not to blame here?

    ps: I've lost about 140 memorex dvds each costing 5sfrs each... I'll let you do the math in your currency :p

    Thanks in advance!

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    Why not try different media?

    I'd have tried that before buying a new dvd writer.

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    Throw your pc out the window and get a mac. When the mac starts giving you problems, stare at the reflection in the monitor of the individual which is the source of all problems. Then toss him out the window.

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    on something.
    Abacus FTW.

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    But I have another pc with the latest Nero premium and its working fine. Yes, the other has a legitimate Windows Home edition (its a dell, dont hit me! )

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    When it crashes, does it give you an error message?

    Could you post the full system specs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skorpio81
    (everyone probably has the same feelin when using windows)
    no, not really
    maybe a feeling of fdisk > install Linux, but,
    nah....can't say that I've had that feeling

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    I can only think the problem is the short between the chair and the keyboard.

    Give some details instead of embellishments regarding your thoughts about the O/S.

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    My guess would be that you bought a sh***y computer. With shiny stat components that aren't worth a d*mn irl. Which leads to my favorite guess. Because with the lack of info, thats all this "help" you're really getting. It's the cheap *ss PSU. Or the lack of RAM (always a good 2nd guess). If you want real help give us real info.

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    who me?
    yea, post more info on the problem ........ooohh look, my post count went up by one

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