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    Is there a way I can assign keywords to .exe files so I can launch them by the run program.

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    no only certain commands can be launched from the run. you cant just type "run puppy run" and have your CS game launch. I say all this thinking that i understand what you are asking.

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    Only way I know of is to copy the exe to your windows folder.

    If you could find a way to make an exe launch another exe then there you go.

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    One option is to assign shortcut keys to programs. For example I can start firefox by pressing ctrl-alt-F
    Right click on items in the program part of the start menu or on the desktop.
    Click on the shortcut key box and press the key combination you want to use.

    Making a shortcut you can call from the run option on the startment is straightforward.
    Open windows explorer
    Navigate to the programs directory
    right click on the program eg firefox.exe
    select copy
    Naviate to c:\windows
    edit->paste shortcut
    Rename "shortcut to firefox.exe" to "f"
    (It will actually be called f.lnk the .lnk extension is hidden by explorer even
    if you have disabled "hide file extensions for known file types")

    You can now enter f in the run option on the start menu to start firefox.
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