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Thread: People keep bumping

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    NZB threads that are much too old. can the NZB attachments just be deleted once they're past a certain age, in order to discourage the pointless bumping? just curious, just suggesting.

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    They are removed after 50 days I believe. Or so I was told.

    However, that doesn't stop them from bumping the thread with a "Thank You" assuming they will be getting the NZB. Ross made a work around for those of us annoyed by the bumps, it's an option to sort threads by "start date" rather than last post. He also recently got an NZB age working that shows the age of the NZB on the thread title area, which I'm hoping will encourage less bumping of expired threads as well.
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    OH. okay. my eyes must have been playing tricks on me or something, if i looked and thought the attachments were still there. it was just beyond my imagination that people would actually be thanking & bumping without even getting the NZB. lolz

    yeah i did notice that it displays the date on which the files were actually posted to the newsgroup, now. that's a good feature.
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