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Thread: Making Room On My Harddrive so what about my torrents?

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    Allright i have a 80gb hd and im trying to make some room on it for other games. Now to use lets say nba06 can i get rid of cds 2 and 3 and just keep cd 1 the one that runs it?

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    what will getting rid of a cd have to do with the HDD

    Unless the cd is an iso on your computer yes you could (would be even easier to get a crack if it exists) but if you delete the other cd's you wont be able to install it again if something messes up.

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    Burn to CDs or DVDs before deleting anything.

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    yeah i went to walmart and got a 30 pack to burn somethings but its cool to know i can get rid of cd iso 2 and 3 to free up some room

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    I'd burn em all on disks... then keep a copy of 1's cd image on your hd to speed up the game's access times.


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