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Thread: Help users who are being throttled!

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    Well, the new stable Azureus build just came out and it supports encryption.. Recently, a variety of ISP's have been throttling Bittorrent traffic extremely agressively making it virtually impossible to download anything at decent speed let alone seed anything. If everyone could update their Azureus or Utorrent clients ASAP the suffering would be over, these clients support encryption and the encryption will be compatible with one another so if you like one client over the other you can feel free to use either. Please help users who are being throttled to death! we can barely even seed or download! encryption seems to be the only hope. Do your part by updating or even switching from from a client you regularly use!

    Azureus with encryption

    Utorrent 1.4.1 beta with encryption

    If you are being throttled, then go in to the options and turn on encryption, if you are not you don't have to do anything, but people who are being throttled will be able to download from you with these newer clients so PLEEEEEEAAAASE update your client.

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    Simply change your port to work-around throttling by your ISP.

    I believe encryption is a great idea but it will slow your transfer speed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harrycary
    Simply change your port to work-around throttling by your ISP.

    I believe encryption is a great idea but it will slow your transfer speed.
    If the ISP is packet shaping, changing the port won't matter

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    What does encryption do? Huh?
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    Yes, everyone please consider downloading the latest uTorrent beta or Azureus.
    And also Enable encryption.

    It will help something like, a million of shaped\throttled peers worldwide!

    We (shaped peers worldwide) will finally be able to download\upload with our full capacity to you!

    This is really best for everyone.
    The majority right now, are still users without traffic Encryption enabled.

    Wether you are shaped/throttled or not, it doent matter! If you go and use Encryption you WILL get better speeds then you get right now!
    Because, everyone who is shaped/throttled and also has encryption enabled will then upload at his full capacity to you!

    I can already notice this right now!
    I used to max out around 10KB/s to any peer worldwide.
    Now if I'm connected to anyone with encryption on, I upload atleast 50KB/s to that person!
    This is impossible for me with "normal" peers (no encryption)

    Everyone, please at least consider to go and use Encryption in the latest uTorrent/Azureus build.
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