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Thread: maybe you could reorganise the verifieds a bit

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    Excuse me if I'm speaking out of turn here, or if this has been asked before, but I've found something that seems a bit, well... odd.

    I was in the eDonkey/eMule section earlier, browsing through what I thought was just ed2k verifieds, when I suddenly encountered some threads with tons of sig2dat links (the non-clickable type).

    Couldn't help noticing that the sig2dat threads were from 2 or more years ago, but one or 2 had recently been bumped by newbies asking how to download them.

    Would it be very difficult to have the sig2dat verifieds moved into the Kazaa Lite section of the forum to separate them from the ed2k links in the eDonkey/eMule section?

    On top of that, perhaps have some sort of FAQ in each of the different section that could explain what program(s) to use to download the links?

    Might save confusing those new to the game.

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    Seems there is little interest on the board in posting Sig2Dat so making a section for them hasnt been created. However the ED2K ones are still active so when making the script to Submit Hashes it was decided to build on the ED2K stuff. However the script does work for creating both ED2K and Sig2Dat hashes. The thought of creating a seperate section for the Sig2Dat hashes seems fine if there was demand for it. Would think they could all go into one section as I doubt sub sections would be needed. The problem with this is the time it would take to do this as many posts have both hash types so alot this might have to be done manually or some type of mass move would have to be created. With the lack of interest though its debatable if to do or not.

    As for how to pins we would be more than willing to pin something if it was done right though the main section is a bit overloaded now with pins though that could be reorganized somehow perhaps. However more importantly for the section to have more growth we need more posters. Seems there is a large number viewing the ED2K section on a regular basis which is good for the site but would be even better to see those that use the section post also from time to time. Also some more dedicated FST Verifieds Posters would be good for the section...
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