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Thread: What The Heck?

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    I just downloaded BF1942 CD 2 and I closed kazaa restarted my computer and saw the file and it was 142 megs!!! originally the file was 425 megs!! . What happened do I have to download the file again?

    btw I opened the file with WinISO and it sayed invalid source??

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    Can any1 atleast help???

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    How do you run WinISO?

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    I started it up click open double clicked the file name, then selected all the files dragged them to a folder. Simple

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    Was it an .ISO to start with or was it a .BIN file?

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    if it was a .BIN did you convert it correctly using WINiso?
    If not there could have been an error in the system files causing it to lose some in tht prosess

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    i know what happened.... **sigh** did it finish downloading or was it almost there.... cos if it haddent finished... and if you running the latest kazaa (in win xp home or pro) it gets deleted as a temp file so what you have to do ibefore you shut down properly close kazaa.... then restart it to make sure its secure then close it again then close down your pc or it'll keep doing it..... mine always does,dont you just love xp


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