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Thread: comic book newsgroups

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    anyone read comic books? I used to dl the DCP releases via bittorrent from time to time, but now that i pretty much use giganews exclusively i'm trying to find a good newsgroup for comic books. any suggestions? i've been on a.b.p.comics and a.b.p.c.reposts but can't seem to find the newer files. any suggestions?

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    that seems like it will do the trick. Thanks!

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    Remember, groups do not usually allow posting of newer releases. Usually comics must be over year old. For the newest releases still going to have to rely on bittorrent or dc++.

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    well i guess that would explain why all the releases on the newsgroups were older... i decided to break out the ol' dc++ client last night and that seems to be the way to go.

    thanks for the insight!


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