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Thread: Prince of Persia

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    My question is i am currently downloading PRINCE Of Persia from a tracker and it is 594 mb. My question actually is, is this game legit and is it the full game but just has been compressed down really really good. its a winrar file just so you know. Any help is appreciated

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    Are there any comments that verify the file and are you talking about the latest version, prince of persia (the two thrones).

    The filesize does seem pretty small if it is the latest version (which should be around 2 Gigs in side) though, like you say, it may be compressed.

    It's worth trying to find comments as well as early releases of the game have proven pretty hard to install for some (thanks to the game being protected by StarForce which is supposedly hard to crack).

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    Two gigs cannot be compressed to 600mbs, not by rar, not by any compression method. Find a better source for your torrenting needs. It's rare to find a fake, but I think you have succeded.

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    well its a ps2 game sorry for not saying that. Its prince of persia 2 thrones. The file when i extract it is 810 mb. So im thinking it is a demo or something. Anybody else think this?

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    i think it should be a demo


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