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Thread: My Computer Restarts When I Play Me Game?!?

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    Thanks for anyone atleast viewing this, hopefully you will be able to help me solve the troubling problem, anyway.

    For a few days now, whenever I play my games Age of Empires The Conquerors Epansion, I will start the game, but whenever I get into a standard game, online or offline, 1-2 seconds in, my computer spontaniously restarts.

    Well, I went into the system part of my control panel and under the advanced/startup and recovery section, and unchecked the automatically restart.

    So the next time I started the game, instead of restarting it gave me the blue screen, with the usual suggestions about what to do to solve the prblem (make sure you have enough disc space etc) but the only information it gave me on the problem was a command like

    Stop: 0x000000be (0xC0000090, 0x0058238, Ox86b4...... and so on.

    -Well I uninstalled my game, reinstalled it, and it worked for a few games, but then the problem came back.

    -I updated my drivers for my video card, and I updated the latest DIrectX Version (sort of) but the problem continued.

    -I used system restore to set back my comptuter to about a week ago, before the problems occured, but the problem came back after a few games.

    I found this microsoft knowledgebase atricle that seemed to be my problem, but it didnt help me very much.

    Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 161961

    I have a hunch that this might have something to do with my direct X 9.0 Version, but I dont know what I should do to try and see if that is the problem.

    My spcs are in my sig, and I am also using

    XP Home (With SP 1)
    DirectX 9.0 (4.09.0000.0900
    You need any more info, just tell me.

    Any help is greatly appericiated guys, and thanks ahead of time.

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    Is your video card DirectX 9.0 compatible? And, did the problems start soon after you installed it?

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    Well I believe my card is DX 9.0 compatible, and I believe that I have the latest drivers for my card.

    (I have the weirdest luck on installing updates, errors occur from time to time, for instance, my service pack 1 install for XP stopped responding, although It installed all the files I believe, I have the set program file defaults.)

    But as far as I know it is copmpatiable, but is there a way to go back to say DX 8.0, without using the system restore? I no longer have a date that goes back that far.

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    I believe this may fix the problem:
    Right click on my computer then go to Properties(MAKE SURE ITS NOT THE SHORTCUT&#33
    Go to the TAB Advance
    Under Startup and Recovery go to settings
    UNCHECK Automatically Restart
    Click OK

    and that should not make the computer restart.

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    sorry did'nt read your whole thread!

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    Visit the game website & look for any updates or patches for that particular game, they're free. An example is Requiem ( or was it Sin?) well whatever but the game wont play on any directx higher than 6 so i looked at a few game sites & found a patch that fixed the problem, this could be your problem, no hurt in looking.
    Hope this helps for you & others with similar problems.

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    Well my game doesnt have any patches of that sort thing, but it had been running fine on the 8.0 that I had been running for awhile.

    I believe I downloaded the 9.0 a few weeks before these problems, but I had been updating through windows recently (stupid me).

    But also, in the display properties, where you can select the monitor options, and what display you want to use, where you can select between your onboard or your Video cards, I can no longer select my default monitor option.

    In addition to that problem, when I plug my VGA cable into my onbaord video, the onbaord video no longer works.

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    have you been pissing (playing) around with the BIOS settings !!!.....or are you a confused 12 yr old ?

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    what is the exact error....i have the same problem....restarts when i play games....but my technical information is different......
    (the STOP :......blah...blah..)...i posted a thread already on this.....see if you can find some solutions there......

    My Post

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    I used to have the exact same problem but then i went out and bought a new graphics card simple!
    My advice to would be to just get new graphics card ?!?!
    there not deer mine was 40 pounds


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