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Thread: Alternatives To K-lite

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    anyone know of any other way to get bin files other than k-lite or emule. On k-lite they always come out currupt and emule is just to slow. On emule i have downloaded 14.00 Mb of ut2003 in trhee days and I have DSL.
    Any ftp or web sites that have games would be greatly appreciated.

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    eMule takes a little bit of time, yes. But it takes more time if you aren't sharing or if you aren't sharing at a decent speed.

    DirectConnect has games on it, although it usually takes longer than eMule, because you only get one source for each file.

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    That's all i use now for games, tv and movies. Very reliable, relatively quick, and painfully simple to use. I'm just fed up with Kazaa. Files are either corrupt (nearly all games, and don't give me the verifieds crap because i NEVER get a download when i click on them, just a permanent 'more sources needed&#39, or fake, or take too long to download. I have broadband and don't expect something to take a week (or longer&#33 to download with no guarantee it will work. I still use kazaa for music and smaller files, but it's just not suited for big stuff anymore. Too many leechers also. I really think it's the beginning of the end for kazaa in it's current state.

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    were can i get bittorett and some sites with links to games thanks

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    im having a drunken rant...but here it goes....

    kl= fast as hell... but its a gamble, expect to download the same file twice and mix n mach the corrupt/correct bits (bit like woolworths really ).... bittorent is reletively fast....and u get what u pay for ( im in a huff due to me last d/l).... and e- mule is far too slow......but if u r after a specific game and u r willing to wait a day or 2.......the choice is r young...but you will learn.....(what movie/ad is that from lol )

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    for bittorents i suggest its all explained there

    as for another way to get games or anything like movies, music i use overnet

    i have dl speed set to 0

    upload speed set to 12kbs

    and i download alot of files at once so im usually dling at 200kb/sec +

    thats the best way to do it, its faster then the mule, and its worth the wait for a correct working game

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    I still think eMule is your best bet for games. Make sure you have a good server.met file, as well as several good server URL's in your adresses.dat file (yes, they spell it wrong). Then when you start the program, sort the servers by Ping and connect to the lowest one (as long as it has a fair number of files). Also make sure you have your upload limit set to at least 80% of the maximum speed your ISP allows. It's still going to take a while, but they have a wide selection of games and they usually work right (as long as you've downloaded the correct language version ). Just remember, you're getting them for free.

    As for bitTorrent, I think it's a great system for fast downloads, but unfortunately there aren't very many files to choose from. And I'm not sure how well it handles error correction.

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    I personaly prefer OVERNET its better than Emule and thingz
    Not as fast as Kazaa tho!
    But resonably there is also alot of files to choose from and i have not got 1 currupted yet?

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    bittorrent is great for like tv series,whole music cds and some games and very fast and reliable because once it finds a corruption it goes to a diff source and never saves the corrupted files. So u never get a corrupt file. Although it has many leechers, but the community is always willling to reseed files if needed.

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    Originally posted by the shift@23 April 2003 - 02:17
    ...u never get a corrupt file.
    I'm not so sure about that. The first thing I downloaded with bitTorrent was an episode of Enterprise, and it had some minor audio glitches. It was barely noticable, but sometimes they would skip over a word or two. I don't know if the original file was like that, or if it got that way from being pasted together from multiple sources. Anyone else notice this?

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